The Morelli company

We travelled millions of kilometres to write our story

All begins in 1965. Memories speak of an Italy which, in the midst of a new industrial awaken driven by the building sector, began a rapid economic growth. Our company began to operate in a climate of general productive enthusiasm and thanks to a continuous evolution, it was born as a family business, today MORELLI is a reality of industrial dimensions with tasks of goods road haulage for third parties through the nation.

We have a wide range of activities going from generic transport with normal and high volume trucks, to the unloading using crane, tipper trucks, trilateral, until silos containing powder agents, representing the real core business. Thanks to our experience and our skills in using special equipment, we can keep high quality standard services also with incompatible materials. To this end the Company has set up, in 1993, a washing plant to clean any kind of tank. In 1995 we achieved the quality certification in accordance with the standards ISO 9001.

Morelli Logistics Services Ltd , a company specialized in transporting bulk materials , was founded in 1965 by Mr Morelli Piero. The company, nowadays, is a point of reference for transporting every kind of goods. after years of consolidated experience, the company continues its efficiency, professionalism and quality of its services.